Attend Online

The Virtual Co-Action Project is the online edition of our in-person event. It is through this event that we are able to combine our goal to be a driver of Australia’s culture to innovation while supporting you in launching your business.

How it works

While this is a super condensed version of our Pre-Seed program, in just 8 weeks we show you how to work through the key areas to building a solid foundation for your new business and getting it ready to launch.

The program will cover what you need to test your idea, to fully understand your customer, the legal ins & outs of patents and trademarks plus you’ll learn what you need have in place to actually get your business up and running. Topics include designing experiments to test your concepts, UX/UI design, branding, marketing and putting together the finances.

The content is the same, just the way you access it is a little different. You still get the 2 live online sessions, focusing on a particular topic that will help you keep moving forward in your journey.

The first session is all about the education on that weeks topic with a workbook that you can use to capture your thoughts and questions.

The second session is a webinar where we host an expert or thought leader in the field who is looking to share their experience and knowledge. This gives us the opportunity to unpack the content just that little bit more and you can see how it is applied in the real world.

The Why

The Why

Clarifying your Why

The Idea

Refining your idea



Test & validate your idea



Construct your MVP



Preparing to launch your venture

idea module

What to expect

Minimum 2 hours online learning per week.

Weekly workbook so that you can apply your learning straight away

That your idea/concept will be challenged and pressure tested

Access to Industry experts & thought leaders who will use their experience to shorten your learning curve.

Develop confidence to do business differently and explore alternative commerce solutions

What you get

6 months membership to the sixty:forty platform including access to the Co-Action Project learning materials

8-week online course covering Why, Idea, co-llab, MVP & Launch

Cohort based approach where all members move through the program at the same pace and you take action on that weeks topic.

I’m keen, how much is it?

The Online Program is $697

Unlike with the in person event, we aren’t restricted by numbers or lockdowns in a virtual space. This means that you can get a guaranteed spot and can do the work when you want, from the comfort of your own home or at a co-working space.